Community Interest

September Garden of the Month

By Lois Cobleigh

Dana Glen has a passion for gardening. When she moved from O’Fallon to Defiance two years ago, she loved the home, but the former owners were not into gardening, and Dana was up to the challenge. It is amazing that, in a very short time, Dana cleaned out the woods, revived the lawn, and transformed the backyard into a haven for flowering plants. Many hydrangeas, daisies, hostas, Siberian iris, giant rose of Sharon bushes, and pampa grasses grow.


In the spring, burning hearts appear, as well as lily of the valley, spirea, and a blooming Carolina allspice. The woods are covered with spreading ivy and lined with multicolored daylilies, and Liriope covers a drainage area.

The Dinner Plate hibiscus, which winters well, is beginning to open into magnificent blooms. Dana has created a shaded retreat among the trees with a hammock and a swing constructed by her father. He used wood bought from a barn that was destroyed by the Defiance tornado. It, too, is surrounded by giant hostas and flowers. The most outstanding feature, however, is the Gnome Garden! When a large tree was removed to allow more sun, her dad used the trunk as a base, cut down a cedar tree to make shingles, and created a gnome homestead for her little guys sitting in the garden below. Yes, they are surrounded by flowers.

Clematis, coneflower, purple basil, butterfly bush, and iris surround the porch and patio areas. Dana was able to revive the azaleas and hollies that were not thriving. The boxwoods, ewes, creeping spruce, and more spirea frame the front door to the home.

The Boone Country Garden Club commends Dana Glen for her dedication to the ART of Gardening. It is truly an art that takes a lot of perseverance and hours digging in the dirt. She has a five-year plan, so there is more loveliness to come!

“Where flowers bloom, so do possibilities.” Capt. Scott Kelly, who saw a blooming zinnia growing in the International Space Station.