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Scammers Target Peoples Savings Bank Customers

Hermann, MO - There has been an uptick in scammers targeting Peoples Savings Bank customers in the past week.  Customers are being targeted in two ways; by phone calls and text messages. Scammers have the technology to spoof the caller ID, so the customer sees Peoples Savings Bank on the caller ID but the call is not from the bank. There are instances where it may not say Peoples Savings Bank as well. 

PSB President and CEO Mark Laune said, “We value our customers and want to do everything possible to inform them of these specific scams. Peoples Savings Bank takes privacy and security very serious.  We have outlined the only reasons we would ever call a customer and the only questions we might ask.”

The only time PSB will call a customer is if there is possible fraud suspected on their debit card.

What will I be asked?

You will be asked to verify recent transactions.  The PSB Representative will give you the amount of the transaction and where the transaction took place.

What won’t I be asked?

You will not be asked for any personal information or anything else at all.  If the person on the line asks you for any information at all HANG UP!

Will I ever get a text message from Peoples Savings Bank?

No! We will never text you asking you for information OR text you a link to click!

Laune added, “If a customer questions the phone call, they should hang up immediately and call their local branch number or our customer support team directly at 573-409-4057.”


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