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Results of the 2022 Cuivre River Electric Cooperative annual election

Troy, Mo., September 1, 2022 – Members of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) elected four board members to CREC’s Board of Directors at their annual meeting on August 25, held at the co-op’s headquarters in Troy, Mo.
In the four districts with seats open, the four incumbents who chose to run for re-election were selected by members for new three-year terms, continuing their service to the cooperative.

Jeff Geisendorfer was re-elected in Lincoln County District 2. Diane Saale was re-elected to St. Charles County District 2. Dan Elliott was re-elected to Warren County District 1. Finally, Walt Gregory was re-elected to Pike County.

This year’s election brought in a total of 1,789 votes, with 1,754 from online voting and 29 mail-in ballots before CREC’s annual meeting on August 25. Six ballots were cast in person at the meeting.

Election results were announced at the annual meeting, which was streamed live on the co-op’s YouTube channel. A recording of the broadcast is available on CREC’s YouTube channel at

In the week following the annual meeting, free electricity prizes were awarded. Survey & Ballot Systems, the third-party company that handles CREC’s election, randomly drew winners from those members who had voted in the election, either absentee or at the meeting. This year’s winners of free electricity are:
• McNeill, Robert I. $1,500
• Minski, Jerry B. $500
• Bubbling Brook HOA $500
• Scott, Shirley F. $250
• Drescher, Roger M. $250

In addition, 12 more members each won a free month of electricity ($200 value):
• Bradley, Christine M Sep-22
• Babinski, Andrew A. Oct-22
• Paland, William E. Nov-22
• Thomas, Scott M. Dec-22
• Hudspeth, Donna J. Jan-23
• Hoenes, Rendel D. Feb-23
• Howden, Ronald G. Mar-23
• Black, Larry. Apr-23
• Randazzo, Grace J. May-23
• Seiler, Gerald Jun-23
• Wagner, Gary D. Jul-23
• Swanson, Jon T. Aug-23

About Cuivre River Electric Cooperative
Founded in 1941, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is the largest of Missouri's 40 consumer-owned electric distribution cooperatives, providing electricity to over 70,000 homes and businesses in Lincoln, Montgomery, Pike, St. Charles, and Warren counties in Missouri. For information, visit or call 800-392-3709.