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Deliver Broken, Damaged Holiday Lights and Ornaments to St. Charles County’s Recycle Works

We’re entering the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” But, for decorators who find broken, damaged, or outdated light strands and home ornaments, the fun of decorating can turn quickly into frustration. 

On your way to the store to replenish your décor, why not drop off those unwanted items at a St. Charles County Recycle Works facility? It just might help to restore your holiday cheer, but definitely will reduce waste and repurpose raw materials into new products. Residents can deliver holiday decorations to Recycle Works Central in St. Charles or Recycle Works West in Wentzville for recycling at no charge. 

Please Note: Light strands and small items may be brought in any condition, but plastic decorations larger than three feet in size must be cut into smaller pieces. In addition to decorations, the facilities accept extension cords, electrical power strips, used or unwanted holiday wrapping paper (without bows or ribbons), and clean cardboard boxes. 

“Every year, the holiday season creates a large amount of trash, but a large percentage of that material can be recycled,” Ryan Tilley, Director of St. Charles County’s Division of Environmental Health and Protection says. “By collecting traditional recyclables, plastics, and most broken, damaged, or unwanted electronics at Recycle Works Central or Recycle Works West, we can help our residents give new life to old products and lessen the burden on area landfills.” 

Additional Items Accepted at Recycle Works

Recycle Works complements curbside recycling efforts and accepts many items at little to no cost to St. Charles County residents throughout the year. Residents may bring these materials to either facility during open hours:

— Traditional Recyclables: Aluminum, tin cans, most plastics, clean and useable clothing or other textiles, cardboard and dry paper goods, and more are collected at no charge.

— Electronic Goods: Items accepted include large and small kitchen appliances, computers and accessories, televisions and monitors, cellular phones and accessories, and more. Some materials are recycled at no charge, while others require a per-unit fee.

— Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Up to five fluorescent bulbs per month can be recycled by St. Charles County residents at no charge. Additional bulbs and those brought in by commercial organizations are charged a per-unit fee. 

St. Charles County Recycle Works locations

The facilities are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday (except observed holiday) at Recycle Works Central, 60 Triad South Drive, St. Charles, MO, 63304 or      Recycle Works West, 2110 East Pitman Avenue, Wentzville, MO 63385.

For a complete list of items accepted or for more information, visit or call 636-949-1800.