A community newsletter serving New Melle, Defiance, Augus​ta, Marthasville, Dutzow​​ a​nd surrounding areas.



Hello from work MU Extension in St. Charles County, MO, and from my home, Warrenton, MO. I'm working with colleagues on a neighboring program. It's about connecting with neighbors to help each other, watch out for each other. I aim to share some of my past, current and future acts of kindness experiences through this blog.
GOAL: Reach out to your neighbor, friend or family.
HOW: Offer to help them with something. Send a card, take them food. Any small gesture to let the know you care. They will appreciate your gesture, and they may pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else.
WHY? The more people who take action, the more people will be connected. Being connected nearby and down the road keeps isolation at bay. When more people watch out for each other, you potentially reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim. When you do a good deed for someone else, often you benefit as much ore more than the recipient.

"One early morning in December last year I was leaving to go to a meeting. There was a lot of fog in the area, and as I drove up Birdie Hills Road, a deer ran out in front of me. I hit its hind quarter, and it spun around and took off. When I got to my destination, I noticed that some trim on the front of my car had been knocked loose. A few pieces snapped right back in. However, the lower driver's side was pushed in, and I couldn't get it back in place. My neighbor, who works for a local car dealer, sent someone over to pick up my car, take it to their shop and fixed the damaged trim, and then delivered the car back to me at no cost. What a great neighbor I have. They also pick up our mail for us when we are out of town. Like a Good Neighbor, they are there for us. We love them and their entire family."

"I live on a court in a subdivision. The people on this street have developed special relationships and are always willing to help one another. We have had neighbors move furniture for us, get our mail when we are out of town, and even bring me a birthday cake on my birthday! It is a wonderful place to live."

"We have such great neighbors! We have watched the kids across the street grow up. We used to purchase their favorite candies for Halloween. The lady next door to us lives alone. So we call her and check in with her - she is a bit of a hermit. On the other side, our neighbor is profoundly deaf. But, he knows EVERYTHING going on in the neighborhood. He walks his service dog and stops to chat everywhere. He also brings up trash cans for a select few. Since I keep him supplied with cookies and cake, we have made his list. ❤❤❤🌞🌞🌞"

WHEN SOMEONE ELSE WAS KIND TO ME: I've lived in my home 19 years. The first, and many winters since, when it snowed heavily, a neighbor cleared my entire driveway and all the rest on the street. Some of the men that did this are only sweet memories now, but other younger men have continued the tradition on our street. No one ever asks. These men just go out and, with their snow blowers, clean off driveways. To pay it forward, occasionally, I go across the street to shovel a friend's drive from the door to the mailbox. We try to get her mail, so she doesn't have to go outside.

Check out this website for more information. https://www.facebook.com/BecominganEngagedNeighbor