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Defiance Parade and Festival March 11

The Defiance Merchants Association (DMA) hosted its Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival on Saturday, March 11. There was a good crowd considering the threat of rain and cold weather. Luckily, the rain, for the most part, held off until after the parade.
Retired Navy Petty Officer General Wilson sang the National Anthem to start the parade. Joe Brazil and Dan Shipley emceed the parade as it passed through Defiance. Close to 50 participants registered for the parade.

The top winners in each category were as follows: Best Car/Truck – the 1970 Manx Buggy, the Grace Hauling & On the Go Truck and the 2009 green Dodge Viper. Best Floats – Sorenson Kennels, Missouri Irish River Festival and Boone Country 4H Club. Best Decorated ATV/Side by Side – The O’Talians and Cruise Planners.

After the parade, there was live music in the heated tent, kids activities, vendors, food and plenty of green beer. A fun time for the whole family.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who sponsored, volunteered, participated and attended the parade and festival.

Winners Best Float Category –1st place, Sorenson Kennels, 2nd place, MO Irish River Festival and
3rd place, Boone Country 4-H. Below:

Sorenson Kennels - 1st place best float 2.jpg

MO River Irish Festival - 2nd place float.jpg

4H-3rd place float.jpg

Winners Best Truck/Car – 1st place, 1970 Manx Buggy, 2nd place, Grace Hauling and On the Go
Truck and 3rd place, 2009 Dodge Viper. Below:

buggy 1st place car.jpg

One The Go - 2nd place cars.jpg

viper-3rd place cars.jpg

Winners in the side-by-side category (L-R) 1st place the O’Talians and 2nd place Cruise Planners.

ATV-1st place ATV 2.jpg

Cruise Planners - 2nd place ATV.jpg


Above (L-R): Victoria Meder, Jeff Comotto, & Theresa Shipley

pledge of allegiance.jpg
(Center) Retired Navy Petty Officer General Wilson singing the National Anthem.
(L-R) Emcees Dan Shipley and Joe Brazil.

Pictures from the parade and festial:


Bag Pipes.jpg

Car with big wheels.jpg


crowed street.jpg

crowed street 3.jpg

crowed street 2.jpg

Diamond Hauling.jpg

Kell Brazil.jpg



sorenson pic.jpg