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Grant Approval for the City of New Melle for Multi-Use Trail

The City of New Melle is pleased to announce that the East/West Gateway Council awarded a grant for the construction of a multi-use trail in New Melle. Last August, Nathan Buehrle, with Cochran Engineering, worked diligently to submit the grant for the City of New Melle for the multi-use trail.
In April, the City of New Melle received an approval letter from East/West Gateway Council. The asphalt trail will extend along the east side of Hwy Z from Francis Street to the St. Charles County Library (just past Fiddlecreek Ridge Road) and along the south side of Foristell Road from Hwy Z to the County Park. More details about the trail can be found on pg. 24 in the BOA Highlights from April 11.

The grant allows for an 80/20 split of the cost. The entire project is estimated at $169,000, and the City’s portion would be around $34,000. This grant will get the City one step closer to having sidewalks throughout New Melle. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.