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The 9th Annual Kickin’ It For Cancer Kickball Tournament

The 2023 New Melle Festival Queen Candidates hosted the 9th Annual Kickin' it for Cancer Kickball Tournament on Friday, May 12 and was again a tremendous success.

It was a beautiful night for kickball, and twelve teams registered and came out to play to support the cause. The teams were: 2 Legit 2 Kick, Balls of Fury, Booze on First, Burbes, Catala & Red Beauty, Elite Alcoholics, Freeballers, Homefront Homies, Kickin' It, Shadow Wizard Money Gang, The Blue Balls, and The Lenders.

The games began at 5 p.m.; most teams played at least two games before moving on to the finals. Eight teams advanced to the semi-finals and championship games.The championship game wrapped up just before midnight, deeming The Blue Balls, led by team captain Zach Orlando, as the tournament champions, with Freeballers (McDaniel) coming in second.

While searching for a tournament bracket coordinator on social media, a community volunteer, Wes Stefanko, stepped up. Wes did an impressive job; thank you!

Shortly after sunset, tournament go-ers watched as memorial lanterns were released by members of the Joerling and Wildschuetz families in loving remembrance of Trevor Joerling. A 50/50 raffle winner was drawn, and a generous player from the Balls of Fury team donated all proceeds, which totaled $155, back to Friends of Kids with Cancer.

Tournament shirts are still available for purchase for those that were unable to attend the tournament. If interested, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Pageant coordinator, Jenna Murphy, as well as the 2023 Queen Candidates, Jordyn Burbes, Tammy Deason, Avery Gibbs, Elisabeth Grethey, Kate Hunt, Julia Joerling, Lilly Murphy, and Avery Smith, would like to send a heartfelt and sincere thank you to every person who made this tradition possible again this year. To the team captains and players, the spectators, the MANY generous business sponsors, and the NMSR employees and personnel – THANK YOU!

With the community's support, the New Melle Festival Queen Pageant will send over $3,000 to Friends of Kids with Cancer this year. Cumulatively, the New Melle Festival Queen Pageant has been able to donate close to $40,000 to the cause in loving memory of Trevor Joerling.

The Blue Balls Championship Pic.jpg
The winning team "The Blue Balls"

2nd Place - The Freeballers

2 Legit 2 Kick.jpg
2 Legit 2 Kick

Balls of Fury.jpg
Balls of Fury

Booze on First.jpg
Booze on First


Catala & Red Beauty Salon.jpg
Catala and Red Beauty Salon

Elite Alcoholics

Kickin' It.jpg
Kickin' It

Queen candidates.jpg
Queen Candidates

Shadow Wizard Money Gang.jpg
Shadow Wizard Money Gang

The Lenders.jpg
The Lenders

Homefront Homies.jpg
Homefront Homies


Memorial lanterns were released by members 
of the Joerling and Wildschuetz families in 
loving memory of Trevor Joerling.