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New Melle Festival 4th Annual Little Miss and Mister Winners

During Family Night at the New Melle Festival, the 2023 Queen Pageant Candidates hosted the 4th Annual Little Miss and Mister Contest. The candidates emceeing the evening were Avery Smith, Jordyn Burbes and Tammy Deason. The judging and tallying of scores were done by the remaining Queens – Avery Gibbs, Elisabeth Grethey, Kate Hunt, Julia Joerling and Lilly Murphy.
The Little Miss and Mister contest is open to boys and girls ages 3–7, broken down into age 4 age groups. The 22 candidates were judged on appearance, poise, personality and enthusiasm for the festival; it was a record-breaking year for entries. In order of appearance, the 2023 contestants:
(*Finalists in each category are marked with an asterisk and are in bold print.)
(**Double asterisks indicate the 2023 Little Miss and Mister Overall Winners.)

Ages 3 – 4 candidates:
Mister Greyson Klott of Marthasville
Miss Gwen Mitchell of Defiance
Mister Emmitt Paul of Marthasville*
Miss Raelynn Rector of Wentzville
Miss Rylee Rector of Wentzville
Miss Amelia Smith of New Melle
Miss Chaney Winkler of Defiance*

Ages 4 – 5 candidates:
Little Miss Bexleigh Murphy of New Melle**
Mister Gus Lee of Moscow Mills*
Miss Wynnie Pinkley of Defiance
Miss Madisyn Sibley of New Melle
Miss Jenni Willming of Femme Osage

Ages 5 – 6 candidates:
Miss Briar Conway of Defiance
Miss Paislee Follmer of Foristell*
Miss June Hespen of New Melle
Miss Nora Laure of Defiance
Miss Charlie Mitchell of Defiance

Ages 6 – 7 candidates:
Miss Rose Graham of New Melle
Miss Bonnie Lee of Moscow Mills
Miss Hadley Linneman of New Melle
Little Mister Carter Murphy of New Melle**
Miss Betsy Sudbrock of New Melle*

The overall winners of the 2023 Pageant were Little Miss Bexleigh Murphy and Little Mister Carter Murphy. Bexleigh and Carter both participated in the Queen Pageant and the New Melle Festival Parade during the festival weekend. (Both of these candidates are from the New Melle area but are not related.) The contestants were treated to donuts after the contest.

The Queens thanked everyone who participated and thanked them for making this a record year. They also thank Pomp Events and Rentals for the beautiful stage setting.

The 2023 Queen Candidates did a fantastic job promoting, organizing, judging and emceeing the event. Congratulations to the winners and competitors; their courage to participate in the Pageant should be commended.

The overall winners of the 2023 Pageant: Front row: Little Miss Bexleigh Murphy (L) and Little Mister Carter Murphy (R). 
Back row, the 2023 New Melle Queen Candidates:
(L-R) Avery Gibbs, Kate Hunt, Elisabeth Grethey, Julia Joerling, Jordyn Burbes, Lilly Murphy, Tammy Deason and Avery Smith. 

The 2023 Little Miss and Mister Finalists:
Ages 3–4:
Miss Chaney Winkler and
Mister Emmitt Paul.


Finalists Ages 4–5:
Little Miss Bexleigh Murphy and Mister Gus Lee.

ages 4 to 5.jpg

Finalist, ages 5–6: Miss Paislee Follmer.

winner ages 5 to 6.jpg

Ages 6–7: Little Miss Besty Sudbrock 
and Little Mister Carter Murphy.

ages 6 to 7.jpg