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Letter to the Editor - From a Concerned Citizen

Letter to the Editor

Unfortunately, through no fault of Cuivre River Electric, its customers in our area lost electricity at least three times in July. Apparently the inconvenience of darkness, reprogramming appliances, rerouting our travels and all the other discomforts and annoyances associated with power outages really sent some residents spiraling out of control.

The power outage on Wednesday, July 19th, did just that. Observing rudeness and hostility toward the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Cuivre River Electric Cooperative employees was abrasive and embarrassing. There was no need for a verbal attack, and the cussing was unnecessary. They were only doing their job to protect us from the downed power lines and to reconnect the electricity. These men and women did not cause this accident! Witnessing the aggressive behavior toward these men and women who are here to care for and serve us was appalling.

As a community, we must respect and appreciate these men and women doing their job! When appreciation, respect and value are shown to these men and women, it makes their job pleasant and our community a great place to live.
The next time (and yes, there will be a next time) the electricity goes out, please be patient and kind, as the power will be restored as quickly and safely as possible.

A Concerned Resident