Community Interest

3rd Annual New Melle Country Market Festival

On Saturday, October 21, the New Melle Country Market held its 3rd Annual Festival. It was a beautiful fall day. The festival featured over 40 local vendors, 8 hours of live music, several food trucks, live demonstrations, a pumpkin patch and more for the over 1500 visitors to enjoy at the market.

The festival is a great way for local vendors to sell their products locally and for the community to spend the day and enjoy spending time with their neighbors or meet new friends.

Wyatt Gober manages the New Melle Country Market and the New Melle Food Coop and organized the Festival. He was delighted with the turnout and is excited about an even bigger festival next year. Wyatt would like to thank everyone who helped in organizing the festival and everyone who attended. To learn more about the New Melle Country Market, visit and New Melle Food Coop, visit