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Highlights From the February 13 New Melle BOA Regular Meeting

By Kathy Miller

The following are highlights from the Tuesday, February 13, 2024, regular BOA meeting. Mayor Burt, Aldermen Nelson, Schneider, and Goodman, City Attorney — Steve Martin, Cochran Engineering and City Clerk — Marcia Gay were all present; Alderwoman Karrenbrock was absent.

Open Forum: There was one speaker who had a few concerns. He requested an updated timeline for the overlay project on Foristell Road to inform the residents of its major milestones once it is available. Secondly, he expressed his concern about the projected pedestrian crossings for the new ADA Trail. The current plan shows two crossings and believes one crossing would be sufficient given the safety concerns of crossing Highway Z. Lastly, he wanted to bring to the City's attention that the pothole on Foristell Rd near 115 Cooperwyck was getting bigger and was getting difficult to avoid.

Engineering Report:
• The bid opening for the Schutzen Street Sidewalk Project is scheduled for February 21. The Board requested that the construction of the Schutzen Street sidewalk be completed before or early on during the Mill Street construction, if possible. (Editor's note: A resident with a vision impairment lives on Schutzen Street and would like to rely on the sidewalk to get around the neighborhood and reach the bus, but due to the current condition of the sidewalk, the resident is unable to do so.)
• Cochran Engineering is currently coordinating with the utility companies to have the utilities moved out of the way to prepare for the work on Mill Street. The Board has requested Cochran Engineering to discuss with Ameren about the possibility of moving the overhead wires underground instead of relocating the poles and what the cost would be to the City.
• Cochran Engineering met with MoDOT at the Fastlane Car Wash along Hwy. Z. The owner has complained that rock and sediment end up in the entrance when it rains. MoDOT informed Cochran Engineering that there is already a plan in the works to do a “mill and fill” project on that stretch of Hwy Z. They are currently in the design phase of this project and will work this issue into the plan. MoDOT will take off a section of pavement and reestablish the crown on the road when repaving. They will regrade the ditches and clean out the culverts as well to help with drainage along Hwy. Z. They do not have a timeline at this time but will keep Cochran Engineering informed.

Old Business: Bridge Church, as of the meeting, had not submitted paperwork to begin the annexation process. The City Clerk is going to verify with the Church that they received the paperwork.

New Business: Jim Herries, negotiator for PWSD#2, was scheduled to attend the meeting with a status update on the waterline locations after the January 23 closed session meeting with the City. (See meeting highlights below.) The negotiator did not have the new plans ready and did not attend. The City of New Melle has two properties involved in the waterline project. The lots are along Hwy D and at Hwy Z and Foristell Rd. The City was not happy with the original plan presented or the amount offered. The City is waiting to see how the negotiator responds. It was suggested that a work session may be needed. Editor’s note: To see more details on this project and how you can help get a town hall meeting scheduled, click here.

The next BOA Meeting will be Tues., March 12, at 7 p.m.