New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights from Nov. 14, 2017

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017 at City Hall. Present were Mayor Richard West, Aldermen Don Hendrich, Gary Schneider, Nik Bradley and Janet Karrenbrock, City Attorney Steve Martin, plus the city clerk, building inspector and city engineers.

In Open Forum:

  •  The city had received a complaint about people parallel parking along Hwy. Z in front of Maracas and blocking the new sidewalk. Once the sidewalk job is complete, there should be delineators (reflective markers) in place to help prohibit that. The city could consider installing no parking signs in the future. In the mean time, the mayor will discuss the issue with the business manager.

  •  Mayor West and Alderman Bradley attended the open house at the new Wentzville City Hall last week and complimented Wentzville on the building.

Finance Report:

  •  October 2017 balance sheets were reviewed.
  •  Clerk Hotfelder said the 2016 audit was nearly complete.

Engineering Report:

  •  Kurt Kutter with Cochran Engineering presented two options for fixing a drainage issue at the corner of Schutzen and Peter Street. One involved open ditches with a cost estimate of $10,840 plus a 20% contingency. A second option included storm water inlets and no open ditches, preserving off street parking, but the cost estimate was $20,620 with a 20% contingency. The board decided to put the project out to bid both ways and decide later.

  •  New Residence at 12 Connor Court – A plot plan review had been conducted with four items to be addressed – including water/sewer permit, and specific details on some of the drawings. Building inspector Bob Barclay said he had already issued a building permit and footings were in.

  •  Comprehensive Plan Update: Kurt Daniels with Cochran Engineering said planning was not Cochran’s area of expertise and he recommended the city seek pricing from The Strieler Planning, LLC – a St. Louis firm that specializes in urban planning.

Building Inspection Report:

  •  There are currently five residential homes under construction in New Melle; 3 in Fiddlestix, one on Conor Court, and one in Sycamore Creek.

  •  There was discussion about following up on several in ground pools that were construction last summer but had not called for their final inspection. Bob Barclay will try to wrap those up in the next few weeks.

Old Business:

  •  Sullivan Lawsuit: Attorney Martin gave a brief synopsis, explaining that the City of New Melle recently amended their zoning ordinance to allow an accessory building without a principal structure on parcels of 10 acres or more in agricultural zoning districts, however, the property owners subsequently notified the city that they did not wish to rezone the property from residential to agricultural, therefore he expected the matter to proceed to litigation.

  •  City purchase of property: Mayor West met with the owner of approximately 6 acres along Hwy. Z adjacent to New Melle Sports and Recreation. The owner quoted the city a discounted price. The board approved a motion to explore financing options.

  •  New Melle Country Christmas: Clerk Hotfelder said there was a need for a few electrical generators and lights for some of the food/drink vendors. Alderman Schneider said Grace Hauling could load 3 generators. The city approved a motion to spend up to $500 on cords and lighting to help light up the vendor tents.

New Business:

  •  Police reports from St. Charles County for the months of September and October were reviewed.

  •  2018 Budget: The draft budget prepared by Botz, Deal and Assoc. after the last work session was approved to present to the public. A public hearing will be scheduled for Dec. 12, 2017.

  •  County Road Maintenance and Repair Agreement for 2018. A contract for St. Charles County to provide snow removal and street maintenance was approved 4-0.

  •  Quarry Wine Garden Temporary Sign: A temporary sign was approved until the end of May, 2018. In the months leading up to that deadline, the owners are expected to present and apply for permanent signage.

  •  Street Light at Foristell Road/Hwy. Z. Mayor West has asked Ameren UE to install a street light at the new intersection of Foristell Road and Hwy. Z – and possibly remove the light on the pole at the old intersection.

  •  The city received a complaint from a resident that access to her garage/driveway was being blocked by customers at local business. Since access to both properties is through a shared private driveway, the city recommended the resident try to address the problem by posting signs reminding people to not block the garage/driveway.

The meeting adjourned at 7:51 p.m. The next meeting, along with a public hearing on the 2018 budget, will be scheduled for Dec. 12, 2017.