New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights from March 20

The New Melle Board of Aldermen will held a regular meeting on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Mayor Richard West, Aldermen Nik Bradley, Gary Schneider, Don Hendrich and Janet Karrenbrock, City Clerk Karen Hotfelder, City Engineer Kurt Kutter. The City Attorney was absent due to illness.



  1. A letter from a resident citing speeding concerns on Hwy D west of town was discussed. Mayor West said State Rep Bryan Spencer has asked the State Highway Patrol and St. Charles County to increase patrols in the area.
  2. Barry Shortt, owner of Wind Ridge Farms on Hwy. F, expressed a number of concerns about the speed and noise level of trucks traveling Hwy. F. A dump truck ran off the road and overturned in the entrance to his business last Spring. "If a customer had been waiting to pull out at that moment, they could have been killed," he said. Shortt asked the aldermen to look for ways to have noise ordinances and speed limits more heavily enforced on that road...particularly as truck traffic increases in the warm weather months. He's concerned about the safety of his customers, and said the Veterinary office next door has the same concerns. Several times he mentioned that he was not complaining about the local haulers. "The worst offenders seem to be non-local trucks. "Some of them don't have names or markings that are easily identifiable," he said. Shortt said if infrastructure spending gets a boost in the future, such as for improvements to I-70, the truck traffic will get exponentially worse. He said the state officials that allowed heavier loads to be hauled in St. Charles County several years ago "threw us under the bus" because the extra weight is pummeling our roads. Shortt said there are several issues, all related: safety concerns, noise issues, wear and tear on the roads, and land value effects. Two other people in the audience spoke up, agreeing with statements that Mr. Shortt made. Mayor West said he was grateful to hear from the citizens. He encourages everyone to contact the State Representatives and County Officials. "I call them all the time. It would really help if they heard from other people as well. The more voices the better," he said. Shortt asked the City to work toward raising awareness and engaging people from the entire area – maybe through social media or town halls with political candidates that are seeking office this fall. He also encouraged the city to contact the Missouri Dump Truck Association so they are aware of the concerns. Alderman Hendrich said he'd like to look into contracting more patrol hours with St. Charles County Police.
  3. Dog concerns: Alderman Hendrich asked the city to send a letter to a resident in Fiddlestix whose large white dog frequently escapes its electronic fence. Another resident asked if the city had specific ordinances for containing aggressive breeds. He was told that enforcement was through St. Charles County Animal Control and that the County ordinances applied. Mayor West said he would check into what those ordinances were.



  1. Hwy Z and Hwy D Sidewalk Project Update –Grass is starting to grow in seeded areas, fencing near Peoples Savings Bank should be installed in a few weeks, and a few remaining landscape items will be done as the weather warms. The city is expected to assume responsibility for mowing the grass between the sidewalks and the pavement. Later in the meeting payment for two change orders were approved.
  2. Schutzen St./Peter St. Drainage Project Update – Easements have been signed and a preconstruction meeting could be scheduled within the next few weeks.
  3. Quarry Wine Garden Update – The city met with the owner to discuss a few remaining items, all of which are being addressed in some form. A revised site plan is expected for additional fencing or natural barriers around the lake and for additional parking. 



  1. One new building permit was issued for a residence in Sycamore Creek.
  2. The city accepted the resignation of Bob Barclay, the City's Building Inspector who resigned because of increased work load. The city is seeking a qualified person or firm to replace him.


BILL 421 – ORDINANCE 407: An ordinance amending the budget for the 2018 fiscal year to add $15,000 for the Comprehensive Plan Update, was approved 4-0-0.



  1. Foristell Rd. Street Light and Signage – Both are complete. Aldermen Bradley suggested that Chevron (directional arrow) signs be added to mark the curve when traveling west bound as well. The aldermen will review and discuss at the next meeting.
  2. Comprehensive Plan Update – City Clerk Hotfelder has been working on the consultant's "Wish list" of information from the city and will continue to do so.
  3. City of New Melle v. Sullivan et al Update – Attorney Martin. Tabled due to Martin's absence.



  •  Sign in the Intersection Triangle – Mayor West will contact the Greenwood Group to discuss trimming or removing overgrown vegetation and then see about getting the sign painted – hopefully before the New Melle Plein Air Painting event on April 24th.

  •  Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, March 31, 2018 – 10:00 a.m. at NMSR. City will provide free doughnuts.

  •  Comprehensive Plan Agreement as Recommended by the P&Z Commission – Approved 4-0-0.

  •  A Preliminary Plat Plan and a Site Plan for Dollar General were both approved with contingencies as recommended by the P&Z Commission: Revised plans include masonry front and metal siding that looks like stucco.

  •  There was discussion regarding a quote for telephone service for City Hall from Verizon. No action was taken.

  •  The City received notice from St. Charles County Emergency Communication of an address assignment for the county Park Property on Foristell Road, which identified the property as New Melle Lakes Park, and the address as 400 Foristell Road. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:04 p.m.