New Melle to Hold Property Tax Rate Hearing Sept. 11


The Board of Aldermen for the City of New Melle will hold a public hearing at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, at City Hall, 145 Almeling Street, New Melle, Missouri, for the purpose of setting a tax rate on all real, personal and other tangible property for the 2018 tax year. At this time, citizens may comment on the proposed 2018 property tax rate.


Assessed Valuation                                                        2017                                      2018

Real Estate                                                                  $13,054,183                $13,117,881

Personal Property                                                           3,067,310                  3,321,821

New Construction                                                            240,142                     552,366   

Newly Added Territory                                                              0                                0

Total Assessed Valuation                                           $15,881,351                $15,887,336


Proposed Tax Rate for General Revenue:     


All real, personal and other tangible property:            .4963 per $100 assessed valuation


Revenue Estimate:


2017                                                                2018


All real, personal and                                      All real, personal and

other tangible property:           $77,668           other tangible property:           $78,850 



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By Karen Hotfelder, City Clerk