2030 Master Plan Adopted at Jan. 28th Meeting

By Dianne Sudbrock

The St. Charles County 2030 Master Plan was on the County Council’s agenda January 7th and January 28th. At the January 7th meeting, the council voted to accept an amended land use map proposed by St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

The map initially proposed by the Master Plan Steering Committee shifted the lines for higher density zoning farther south and west. The Agricultural Zoning Area was decreased, and Rural Residential (3 acre minimum lot size) was moved south of Hwy. D and somewhat west of Hwy. F.

In addition, Residential zoning (which allows up to 4 homes per acre) was moved south of Hwy. N. That line is proposed to follow Schnarre Road, Meinerschagen Road, and then roughly Dardenne Creek eastward to Busch Wildlife. Anything north of that line could potentially have 4 homes per acre (in areas that are unincorporated and are not part of a municipality such as Wentzville or Lake St. Louis, etc.)

The revised map that Ehlmann submitted separates Agricultural zoning from Rural Residential based on the Femme Osage Creek watershed. This shifted the line back to the north - in some places north of Hwy. D, and in some places, south of Hwy. D. Ehlmann’s map did not change the “Residential” zoning boundary, so it remains as described above.

Click the link below  to view the map that was adopted:
  Exhibit A - County Executive's proposal.pdf