Update on Proposed Speed Limit Increases on Four New Melle Area Roads

By Dianne Sudbrock

On Monday, February 11, 2019, over 20 people attended a St. Charles County Council public hearing in opposition to a proposal to raise the speed limit on Foristell Road.

About 10 people from the group got up and spoke. Most of the comments centered around safety concerns, as did comments at two previous hearings involving proposed speed limit increases on Morrison Lane, Oberhelman and Sneak and Foristell Roads. A recurring theme was the assumption that there is typically a 5-10 mile cushion above the posted speed limit before one worries about getting a speeding ticket, and therefore if the speed limit is raised to 40 or 45 mph, the perceived cushion goes up 50 or 55 mph. Several people gave examples of situations where increased speeds posed a safety hazard to area residents, including children boarding and exiting school buses, farmers, pedestrians, bicyclists and horseback riders, trash collectors, and mail carriers; plus limited lines of site at several intersections. There were also several comments that people are already traveling 50 mph or faster.

No one spoke in favor of the proposal.

An increase in police patrols was noted within days following the hearing.

At this point, all public comments will be referred back to the St. Charles County Highway Department for review. If they decide to go forward with recommending speed limit changes, an ordinance will be presented to the County Council for a vote sometime in March.

County Council meetings are typically the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Agendas are typically posted on the County’s website ( late on the Friday afternoon preceding the meeting date.