New Melle Board of Aldermen Meeting – April 9, 2019

By Dianne Sudbrock

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at City Hall. Those present included Mayor Richard West, Aldermen Nik Bradley, Gary Schneider, Don Hendrich and Janet Karrenbrock, plus City Attorney, Stephen Martin, City Engineer Kurt Kutter, and City Clerk Savanna Burton.

There were no comments in Open Forum. Finance reports were accepted as presented, but more detailed versions of the reports were requested for future meetings.

Engineering Report: Kurt Kutter presented a preliminary assessment of pavement maintenance needs for city streets and estimated costs. He asked if the city could come up with a yearly maintenance budget; and they asked if he could identify which streets areas might be the highest priority. Alderwoman Karrenbrock asked if crack sealing Foristell and Holt Roads would help prolong the pavement life. A decision to put that out to bid could be discussed at the next meeting so the work can be completed during the warm weather months.

In Old Business:

  •  City of New Melle vs. Sullivan lawsuit: Attorney Martin said he waiting on one last set of documents then he will ask the court to set a hearing date.

  •  City Entrance Signs: Mayor West shared some draft designs and received a few suggestions. A revised design should be available by the next meeting.

  •  Approval of a Site Plan for Quarry Wine Garden and business license issue were both tabled pending adjustments to the drawings that were requested prior to the last meeting.

  •  Trail from the Park at New Melle Lakes into New Melle: The P&Z Commission is contemplating this idea. No specific plans have been developed.

  •  Sinking concrete slabs at the entrance to in Nicole Park – and one other location within the subdivision: The board voted to put that repair project out to bid.

  •  Teen CERT: Mayor West asked and got approval for the City to become a sponsor for the Teen Cert Program. There is no cost, but evidence of community support is part of retaining the program’s federal certification. He is also going to personally sponsor the program, and asked the aldermen to consider doing the same.

  •  Charles County Contract Update: Clerk Burton reported that she had not yet received a refund due the city from the cancellation of the snow removal contract with the county. She will follow up with them.

  •  Land Use Restrictions: Mayor West said the County Municipal League is still discussing the issue. No generic ordinance template is yet available. Attorney Martin said the state was only about halfway through establishing regulations regarding the Marijuana/Hemp productions/licensing. No action was taken.

  •  Drop Dead Date for Renewing A Business License: New Melle needs to review and update its policy regarding delinquent business licenses. Mayor West suggested an April 1 last warning date, with a June 1 cut-off, after which time a citation or court summons could be issued to offenders.

  •  Bids for Lawn Services: Clerk Burton was going to post the bid request on April 10. The current contract expires April 30.

  •  Better Together Impact on New Melle: Mayor West has been following the proposed “Better Together” initiative to combine the City of St. Louis into St. Louis County. He explained his concerns last month and made no further comment.

In New Business:

  •  New Planning and Zoning Member: Aldermen Nik Bradley will start attending P&Z meetings as the representative from the Board of Aldermen, replacing Don Hendrich who has been serving in that capacity for the past couple of years.

  •  Ballistic Vests that were formerly used by the New Melle Police Department will be donated to the Eastern Missouri Police Academy for training.

  •  To provide required documentation to Peoples Savings Bank, the board passed a motion removing a previous alderman’s name from several of the city’s accounts and adding Alderman Schneider.

The meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m. The next regular Board of Aldermen meeting should be Tuesday, May 14, 2019.