New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights August 13, 2019

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at City Hall. The Mayor and three aldermen were present along with the City Clerk, City Engineer. (Alderwoman Karrenbrock was absent.)


Ernie Arteaga, whose property borders Arlie Welge Street, referenced a discussion last month about traffic cutting through the streets of New Melle to avoid waiting at the 4-Way stop during peak traffic times. He asked the city to consider installing a speed bump on Arlie Welge Street to slow traffic speeds, or consider making it a one-way street going north to remedy the situation. Last month, a resident asked the city to install stop signs at the intersection of Schutzen and Peter Streets. The board will take both matters under consideration and check with the fire department and ambulance districts for their input. Concerned residents in the area are urged to let the city know their thoughts on the matter.

The Boone Country Connection asked if improving the approaches to the bridge on Foristell Road to eliminate the offset between the pavement and bridge deck could be included in the upcoming bid for crack sealing. The City Engineer will look at the situation.

The dip on Hwy. Z in front of Karrenbrock Construction where the pavement is collapsing from a previous utility crossing was also discussed. The mayor has reported the issue to MoDOT.

The upcoming 175th Anniversary Celebration at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was mentioned. The celebration will include activities that highlight the 180th anniversary of New Melle. The city was asked to consider how they could participate or support the event in honor of the city’s anniversary. The event will be Sept. 14, 2019 and include historical displays, children’s activities, live music, BBQ, antique tractors, a blacksmith display, quilt display, a collection for the local food pantry and other activities.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Reviewed and accepted. January-June reports will be published in the September Boone Country Connection.

Engineering Report: The city engineer has been reviewing an inquiry regarding storage units that will require a variance. A public hearing will be scheduled if the developer decides to proceed.

BUILDING REPORT: There are 7 projects in various stages of review, including a drainage issue at a new home site, a detached garage, foundation repairs, new deck, a portable storage building, and a basement finish.


Bill 437 was approved as Ordinance 423, granting a variance at 3620 Schutzen Street allowing a 14’ front building line and a 15’ rear building line due to existing conditions.

Bill 438 was approved as Ordinance 424, rezoning 3620 Schutzen Street from R1-C (Single family residential) to R1-D (Single family residential). [R1-D has a smaller allowed lot size.]

Bill 439 was approved as Ordinance 425, granting a variance at 3612 Schutzen Street to allow a new fence to be placed approximately 6 ft. in front of the rear most corner of the house due to existing conditions.


  1. City of New Melle vs. Sullivan et al – nothing new to report. A court date is set for November 19-20, 2019
  2. Trail from New Melle Lakes Park to town – Now that the Comprehensive Plan is finished, Mayor West hopes to start talking to residents about establishing a possible route.
  3. Land Use Restrictions – This is regarding establishing regulations for businesses related to the sale or production of cannabis in the city limits. The city is waiting for the state to fine tune their regulations.
  4. Drop Dead Date for Failure to Obtain a Business License – Attorney Martin is drafting an ordinance adding a June 1st deadline for failing to obtain a business license and related penalties/consequences.
  5. Cell Tower Leasing. Two companies have approached the city offering to buy out their cell tower lease for a lump sum amount. Attorney Martin suggested the city hire an analyst familiar with the industry to review the offers and make a recommendation. The board approved a motion to authorize the mayor to enter into such an agreement for that service if the cost will be $500 or less.
  6. Foristell Road Improvements. Advertising for bids for crack sealing to help extend the pavement life should begin next week. 

There was no New Business; the meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m. The next Board of Aldermen meeting should be Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.