New Melle Board Meetings –December, 2019

By Dianne Sudbrock

New Melle Board of Adjustment Meeting Dec. 4

The New Melle Board of Adjustment held a public hearing and meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at City Hall.  After substantial discussion between the board members and the audience, the board voted to approved 3 requested variances for the property at 4591 Hwy. Z (across from Maracas Restaurant) where a residence is planned to be converted for use as a spa/boutique.

The variances granted were: allowing the preexisting storage shed to remain, allowing the preexisting water shed to remain, allowing a 3-foot tall berm and trees/plants to be used instead of a 6 ft fence. In addition, two votes taken after a September 18 public hearing by the Board of Adjustment were retaken in order to be properly recorded: 1) a temporary gravel parking lot for 3 years at 4591 Hwy. Z was approved; and 2) changing of rear setback for a proposed storage business at 4487 Hwy. Z was denied.

New Melle P&Z Meeting Dec. 10

The New Melle Planning and Zoning Committee held a special meeting Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, followed by a regular Board of Aldermen meeting.
P&Z met at 6:45 p.m. to consider the approval of the site plan for 4591 Hwy. Z (across from Maracas’ Restaurant) which is proposed to be used as a spa/boutique. Variances that were approved by the Board of Adjustment on Dec. 4th were mentioned, then the site plan was recommended for approval.

New Melle Board of Aldermen Meeting Dec. 10, 2019

The Board of Aldermen meeting was called to order shortly after 7 p.m. In Open Forum, residents of Connor Court expressed concerns about a proposed rezoning and split in zoning of the property located at 4583 Hwy. Z (next to The Greenwood Group.) The Greenwood Group is asking that the front ½ acre of the property be rezoned from R1-A Single Family Residential) to R1-C Single Family Residential with the back portion of the property then being rezoned to C3 Commercial. The residence is currently used to provide housing for employees of the Greenwood Group. The Greenwood Group would like to use the back portion of the property to expand the business. Residents expressed concerns about noise, pollution, allergens, lighting, water run-off, the fact that they had purchased property with the understanding their lots backed up to residential, not commercial property, and more. One resident specifically asked the board to deny the request. The Boone Country Connection asked why ½ acre lot was being considered when the average recommended lot size in the city is 1-acre. Mayor West said that question should be directed to P&Z.

In the Engineering Report:
•    Cochran has issued a punch list to KJU Construction to repair a broken curb, repaint striping, and backfill some areas that have settled, completing the sidewalk project in front of NMSR.
•    Additional estimates of pavement repairs in the Sycamore Creek subdivision were discussed but the board agreed to take no immediate action, and instead, close out the current contract.

•    Bill 446, calling for a municipal election on April 7, 2020 was passed as ordinance 432.
•    Bill 447, amending the 2019 budget was approved.
•    Bill 448, approving the rezoning request and lot split for 4593 Hwy. Z for expansion of The Greenwood Group, was tabled.

Old Business:
1.    New Melle v. Sullivan et all lawsuit: A hearing is set for Dec. 20, 2019.
2.    Land Use Restrictions (related to cannabis related businesses) was tabled.
3.    Property Sale at Hwy. D and Z. Attorney Martin talked to two appraisers and recommended hiring the one that gave the lowest bid ($1000).
New Business:
1.    A site plan for 4591 Hwy. Z was approved, 4-0-0.
2.    It was decided that the City Attorney should attend all Board of Adjustment Hearings going forward, and a regular schedule of potential meeting dates will be established.
3.    A site plan for the Quarry Wine Garden was approved 4-0-0. This will allow the lake on the property to be used for storm water detention, however, the city engineer is still requesting professionally prepared water detention calculations substantiating that the lake can hold the run off from the new parking lot.
4.    Mayor West commended Ameren UE in putting up the Holiday decorations, then coming back after a windstorm and reinstalling those that had blown down. He suggested the city purchase gift cards to local restaurants as a token of appreciation to the crew members who did the work, but first he will check and see if the employees are allowed to accept such gifts.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:45 p.m.
The January Board of Aldermen Meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 21st due scheduling conflicts on Jan. 14.