New Melle P& Z and Aldermen Meetings Feb. 11

New Melle P & Z Meeting -  Feb 11

The New Melle P&Z Commission met for a short meeting before the Board of Aldermen meeting on Feb. 11. One of the items discussed was New Melle Sports and Rec purchasing a portion of a lot at Hwys. D and Z.

Todd Joerling, President of NMSR, said they will eventually merge the legal description of the purchased parcel with the legal description of their existing property to make it all one parcel. P&Z initially had concerns because the parcel being purchased, if left by itself, would not conform to any of the city’s commercial zoning requirements; but since the two parcels will be legally merged, there are no issues.

A second item of discussion involved merging two adjacent lots in the Sycamore Creek subdivision, with 1021 Sycamore Creek being the surviving address – per the owner’s request. P&Z recommended approval of the record plat only. The combined plat will have to be recorded with St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds and then reapproved by the City of New Melle.


New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights – Feb. 11

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Mayor Richard West, Aldermen Don Hendrich, Gary Schneider and Nik Bradley, plus the City Clerk, City Attorney, City Engineer, and several others in the audience.

The Mayor noted that a grant for a Foristell Road improvement project was not on the agenda but would be discussed under the Engineering Report.

In Open Forum, Evelyn Simms, Attorney for Pete and Joan Schepis, who own The Greenwood Group and a 5-acre parcel at 4583 Hwy. Z adjacent to their existing business. They would like to rezone the adjacent 5-acre property to commercial zoning and expand their business. Previously, P&Z had agreed to recommend the rezoning provided that various conditions be met. However Simms said she believed the board and city attorney correctly observed that the requested use, which is a “Landscape Contracting Services”, is a permitted use in the existing zoning ordinances, and therefore, it is not appropriate to place conditions on that type of business operation. Simms said she was there to request that the property be rezoned to commercial C-3 as requested and approved without any conditions. She said Pete Schepis stated they would be good corporate neighbors and certainly when the time comes to submit a site plan, they would hear the input of neighbors and do their best to minimize any trees that would be cleared out and meet the specifications of the Planning and Zoning codes.


In the Engineering Report:

  1. It was noted that the new sign welcoming people to New Melle had been installed on Hwy. Z, but that the location for the installation of the sign on westbound Hwy. D was wrong and had to be moved.
  2. An East/West grant application was presented and discussed at length to upgrade Foristell Road from Hwy. Z to the City Limits near the New Melle VFW, and include a walking path/sidewalk to the Park at New Melle Lakes.

Maintenance and resurfacing of Foristell Road is now the responsibility of the City. The cost to overlay the 1.02 miles, which will have to be done in the next 2-5 years, is roughly estimated to be at least $400,000.

This improvement project, if a federal grant is received, would include resurfacing, storm sewers and sidewalk from Hwy. Z to a trail at the Park at New Melle Lakes. It is hoped that in the future, a sidewalk could be extended along Hwy. Z from where it currently ends at Nicole Parc to Foristell Road and beyond, to the Boone’s Trail Branch Library.

The total estimated project cost is $2.3M. The city’s share is estimated share would be $868,000, but it is hoped that some additional assistance in County Road funds might be available to help fund the City’s share. The deadline to apply for the grant was Feb. 13 at 4 p.m., two days following the meeting.

Two options were presented. One would have made this a 2-phase project, stopping the first phase at the bottom of the hill; and then doing a second phase later, from the bridge to the county maintenance line. But the board felt it would be difficult to get cost sharing funds for the second phase once the first phase was complete, so it was ultimately decided to apply for funding for the entire 1.02 mile length.

If the grant is awarded, the city’s portion of the cost is estimated to be $868,211. The city will seek County Road Board funds to cover part of that cost since a link to the trail within the park is included. If approved by East West Gateway, construction would not start until late 2021 or 2022.



  1. Bill 450, amending the budget for fiscal year 2019, was passed. The following items were added to the 2020 budget: $30,000 for sidewalk improvements, $50,000 for transportation, $14,000 for Promotion, and $16,000 for City Engineer.
  2. Bill 451 was approved which consolidated two lots in the Sycamore Creek subdivision, at the request of the person who owns both lots, and as reviewed and recommended for approval by P&Z.

In Old Business:

  1. City of New Melle vs. Sullivan et all: a court date is scheduled for March 6, 2020.
  2. Property Sale at Hwy. D and Z. A professional appraisal was handed to the board at the meeting, no numbers from the report were announced, and the matter was tabled to give the board members time to read and digest the information.

Old Business:

  1. The city clerk is seeking bids for website hosting/maintenance but had nothing to present yet.

The next Board of Aldermen meeting should be Tuesday, March 10, 2020.