Public Hearing Aug. 4 Re: Placing More Restrictions on Commercial Properties

The New Melle Planning and Zoning Commission is suggesting that the city’s zoning ordinances be amended to allow conditional uses to be placed on any commercial property that abuts, is adjacent to, or contiguous with a residential property. There is a public hearing on this matter tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 7 p.m. at New Melle Sports and Recreation to accommodate social distancing. New Melle’s zoning codes define the type of businesses allowed in various commercial classifications. Currently, if a business is an “allowed use” in a particular classification, no additional conditions (restrictions) can be imposed by the city on that property. Proponents believe that changing the codes to allow additional conditions will allow the city to further protect residential properties from potentially disruptive commercial activities. However, some owners/developers of commercially zoned property in the city are concerned that the ability of the city to place virtually unlimited conditions on properties on a case-by-case basis will make commercially zoned properties difficult to sell and more expensive to develop. The public and local property owners are invited to attend the public hearing and weigh in.