New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights 11/10/20

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. A reporter from the Boone Country Connection was not able to attend. The following was compiled from information provided by the City Clerk.

In Open Forum, Alderman Karrenbrock stated she had been approached by a board member at New Melle Sports and Rec about possibly sharing an employee to do various jobs for both organizations, creating one full-time position. The matter will be placed on the agenda for further discussion during a work session.

FINANCE REPORT: City Officials requested to see a different version of the October Balance Sheet, therefore approval was tabled. 

ENGINEERING REPORT: Peter St/Schutzen St Road Project – Kurt Daniels, Cochran Engineering, stated the three width options for the road are 30-foot, 40-foot, or 50-foot. He stated the 40-foot width would allow for sidewalks on each side and the 50-foot width would allow for sidewalks, more working space, and a larger greenspace between the road and sidewalk. The 50-foot options make for 12-foot wide lanes and 5-foot wide sidewalks. The city owned right-of-way is between 24-feet and 15.1-feet. Mr. Daniels stated the property owners on the south side could be asked to donate land because the current setbacks and right-of-way do not allow for the road improvements. He continued, stating the city would need less than 1/10th of an acre from each property.

The project would make the road 24-feet wide rather than the current 15-feet in width, with storm sewers, and reroute water to the new underground system which was installed a few years ago rather than an existing above ground swale.

Daniels confirmed the new system would be able to handle Mill Street improvements as well. He stated the next step would be to hold a meeting with homeowners along Peter St. and Schutzen St. to give them more information regarding the upgrade. (Editor’s Note: The meeting was later scheduled for Dec. 10, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.)

•    City of New Melle v. Sullivan et al – Attorney Martin stated the court date remains the same date set as December 8, 2020 with no current updates. 
•    FY2021 Budget – Mayor West stated the census is being completed this year and the city should increase the fees for St. Charles County services to an estimated 700 residents.
•    Yearly Property Maintenance – The city selected Hoff Heating and A/C to do yearly maintenance on the HVAC system.
•    Airbnb/Temporary Rentals – City Clerk Burton stated only one property was interested in an Airbnb type of rental. The Board of Aldermen agreed the taxes are minimal and there is no need for the city to pass an ordinance.

Strategic Doing Program – UM Extension – Trevor Goodman, Planning and Zoning Commissioner, gave an update on the Strategic Doing Program and the benefits to the city. Mayor West stated the price is $2,500 for a three-year contract to help implement the Comprehensive Plan and get more community involvement. The board voted unanimously to approve the contract with the University of Missouri Extension for the three-year Strategic Doing Program.

The meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m.