New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights Dec. 10

By Dianne Sudbrock

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Thursday, Dec. 10 at City Hall. Present were Mayor Richard West, Aldermen Don Hendrich, Nik Bradley, and Janet Karrenbrock, plus the City Clerk and City Attorney.

In a special meeting held prior to the regularly scheduled meeting, engineers from Cochran Engineering discussed options for widening and improving Peter Street with adjacent property owners. There was opposition to the proposed 50-foot-wide easement, and suggestions that the city look into making the street one-way to keep the width down. Residents also expressed concerns about traffic cutting through Peter Street from Mill Street to Schutzen, at unsafe speeds, to avoid the intersections at Z, D and F during high traffic times of day. Making Peter Street one-way, going east only, from Schutzen to Mill Street would help alleviate that problem. Cochran was asked to prepare and provide more information about a one-way option at the January Board of Aldermen meeting.

Next, a Public Hearing was held to allow input regarding the Budget for 2021. There were no comments, and the hearing adjourned.

In open forum, a question was asked about updating the population signs going into town. Mayor West said final numbers are not yet available from the 2020 census; and it is the responsibility of the state of Missouri to make any subsequent updates to the signs.

Introduction of Ordinances:

  •  An ordinance was approved amending the budget for fiscal year 2020.
  •  An ordinance was approved adopting the budget for fiscal year 2021.
  •  An ordinance was approved calling for a municipal election in April to fill two seats on the Board of Aldermen. Those seats are currently held by Nik Bradley and Janet Karrenbrock.

Old Business:

Sullivan et al lawsuit – court date postponed into 2021 due to COVID.

New Business:

Business Licenses were approved for Massage Kneads, Feel Good Flower Truck, and White Wolf Pub and Grill.

  •  The city agreed to share an employee with New Melle Sports and Rec who will do maintenance for the city in addition to working at NMSR. NMSR will be responsible for hiring and supervising the employee.

  •  A citizen who raised a concern about lighting at Daniel Boone Elementary School will be referred to the school district.

The next meeting will be Thursday, January 14, 2021. Board of Aldermen meetings are expected to be regularly held the second Thursday of each month in 2021. Work Session meetings will be the 4th Thursday, as needed.