New Melle Board of Aldermen Highlights – Sept. 14, 2021

By Dianne Sudbrock

The New Melle Board of Aldermen met Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021, at City Hall. Aldermen Nik Bradley, Gary Schneider, Don Hendrich and Janet Karrenbrock were present, as well as the City Clerk, City Attorney and City Engineer.  Mayor Richard West was absent.

There was a public hearing regarding setting the annual property tax rate – which remained the same as last year. No one from the community commented, and later in the meeting, the ordinance adopting the recommended rate for 2021 (which is provided by St. Charles County) was approved.

There were no comments in Open Forum.

The financial reports were reviewed and approved as presented.

Engineering and other actions/discussions:

  •  There was discussion about when and where sidewalks are required to be built when there is new development. Alderwoman Karrenbrock suggested the city revise its ordinance to specifically state that sidewalks be included in any new commercial or industrial development plans, unless specifically waived by the Board of Aldermen.

  •  Alderwoman Karrenbrock also suggested that the board direct Cochran Engineering to begin planning work on Mill Street improvements – with the possibility that the project be done in phases.

  •  The board later voted to prepare a bid packet to start work on a portion of the Peter Street improvements. “Phase 1” will widen and add storm sewers (all within existing right-of-way), resulting in a 12-foot wide, one-way street, eastbound, between Mill Street and Schutzen. Board members expressed a strong desire to keep Peter Street open to 2-way traffic between Hwy. Z and Mill Street, therefore, that portion will be excluded from the above bid packet. Cochran will take a closer look at right-of-way availability in that area. Cochran will also start engineering work for improving Mill Street between Peter Street and Hwy. D – with the possibility of working that section of Mill Street and the remaining portion of Peter Street together as one project.

  •  Bids for street repairs in the Sycamore Creek Subdivision were scheduled to be opened on Sept. 14th.

Ordinance 469 regarding screening and/or transition strip requirements between properties with different types of zoning was tabled until Aldermen Hendrich and Schneider had an opportunity to question P&Z Commission Nelson for more information.

Under New Business, the brush growing out into the westbound driving lane along Foristell Road was discussed, with the intention that the city would seek bids from tree trimming services after contacting the bordering property owners.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2021.