County Executive Steve Ehlmann Withdraws Bill 5030 Proposing Charter Amendment

By Dianne Sudbrock

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann has withdrawn Bill 5030 which he proposed in December to be added to the April 2022 election ballot. The bill would have asked the St. Charles County voters to approve a Charter Amendment that would have prohibited the St. Charles County Executive from carrying on any trade, occupation, business or enterprise for personal profit or gain, other than his/her duties as County Executive. 

Previously, the charter had only prohibited the County Executive from engaging in such activities during the normal business hours of St. Charles County.  The measure met with stiff opposition from various citizens who were concerned it was an attempt to limit the pool of prospective candidates for that office.

In a letter of apology sent to County Council members in late December, Ehlmann said that was not his intention. He said the issue was brought up after St. Louis County Republicans complained about St. Louis County Executive Sam Page's outside employment. Ehlmann stated in the letter that the matter would only be brought up again, "After we have worked on the language, considered the alternative approaches, seen the results of the election in St.  Louis County and heard more from our constituents, if two councilmen, rather than me, want to reintroduce something they can do so far ahead of the election day so all may have plenty opportunities to comment."  

To view the entire letter, click the PDF link below.