Board of Aldermen Highlights From May 12

The New Melle Board of Aldermen held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 12, at New Melle City Hall.
Present were: Mayor Rich West, Aldermen Bradley, Hendrich and Karrenbrock. City Attorney - Steve Martin and City Clerk - Marcia Gay. Alderman Schneider was absent.

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• Peter Street - Re-bid is currently underway, and the process should be concluded and ready for approval at the June Aldermen meeting.
• The City of New Melle and NMSR Practice Fields - A motion was unanimously passed to accept the agreed-upon contract between the City of New Melle and NMSR for the completion and maintenance of new practice fields. The fields are on the City’s property but will be funded and maintained by NMSR. Work will begin after the New Melle Festival.

• Bill #477 - Ordinance 462 - An ordinance of the City of New Melle, MO, canvassing the return of April 5, 2022, General Municipal Election Held in the City and declaring the results thereof. The election results were Mayor - Steve Burt; Alderman Ward 1 - Trevor Goodman; and Ward 2 - Gary Schneider. Bill #477 was unanimously approved and became ordinance 462.

• Maintenance Agreement with NMSR - A motion was passed to table this agenda item until June. The only change made to the agreement since last month was The City of New Melle increased the monthly fee paid to NMSR by $100 to $1350 per month. The item was tabled because NMSR requested that in addition to the monthly fee, they would like to add to the contract an hourly rate they can bill the City for situations not covered in the maintenance agreement.
• Culvert Collapse on Foristell Rd. - A motion was passed for the City to get bids, and have the newly appointed Mayor Steve Burt decide based on the estimates to choose the best option for the emergency repairs. This is the second time this issue has been brought to the City’s attention by a community member. Cochran Engineering went and inspected the road and determined that the concrete material that was supporting the culvert started to deteriorate and collapse around the edges. There are voids between the pavement and culvert, some quite deep. Cochran Engineering recommends fixing the damage by having flowable fill pumped in to fill the voids and alleviate the road from settling and creating the dip in the road. The board agreed that this is an emergency situation, and Marcia Gay, the city clerk, will get bids for an emergency repair. The City of New Melle owns that portion of Foristell Road; St. Charles County will not help with those repairs.
• Large Dead Tree on Schutzen Street - A large dead tree at the end of Schutzen Street has deteriorated and is now a safety issue. Cochran Engineering determined that the tree is on the resident's property, so the City will send a letter to the property owner to let them know that it is their responsibility to have the tree removed. The City will recommend that the resident checks with Ameren, if it is within 15 feet of the power lines, Ameren is responsible for the tree removal.

• Code Enforcement - The City does not currently have an agreement with any agency for code enforcement. Until that changes, the Mayor will issue a summons to violators to make them aware of the situation. All infractions will have to be approved by the Board before a summons is sent.
• Emergency Repair Contract Agreement - The City of New Melle is considering an agreement with a contractor that can provide emergency repairs. The City would be able to call this company 24/7 and get help with emergencies beyond the City's capabilities.
• Swearing in of Newly Elected Officials - Steve Burt was sworn in as the new Mayor of the City of New Melle, and Trevor Goodman was sworn in as the new Alderman of Ward 1.
• The next City of New Melle Aldermen meeting will be Tuesday, June 7.

Note: It was decided that the Aldermen Meetings will move back to the 2nd Tuesday of each month, starting with the June meeting.