BOA Highlights from June 9

By Kathy Miller

Mayor Steve Burt, Aldermen; Bradley, Goodman, Karrenbrock and Schneider, Attorney Steve Martin and City Clerk Marcia Gay were all present.
Open Forum:
Four speakers expressed their concerns about the property at 3866 S Point Prairie Rd, which has sold, and the builder is wanting to change the lot sizes from 5 to 3 acres or a 16 vs. 28 home subdivision. The St. Charles County Council denied this request, and area citizens are concerned that the City of New Melle will annex this property and change the land density to 3 acres. A few residents were from Callaway Valley Subdivision, supporting those close to the S Point Prairie property. Some of the concerns mentioned were; infrastructure is insufficient to support another 12 homes, including water runoff and more traffic. They were all opposed to lowering the lot sizes to 3 acres. One person added that the lots in that area are meant to be 5 acres because of the septic systems. They need the room, so the runoff will not infringe on the neighbors property and run off into the creek.

A New Melle City resident and his neighbor that live along Highway Z are not happy with the “laundry list” of requirements they received from Cochran Engineering that the City of New Melle requires when installing or moving a fence. He is a contractor who deals with permits daily, and St. Charles County does not require all the things that the City of New Melle does. He says that one of the surveys requested was topographical and would cost $1500, and most surveyors won't do them for a fence. In closing, he and his neighbor asked that the city look at the requirements for fences and make the process simpler and less costly for the residents of New Melle.

Sharon Duggan, a New Melle citizen and a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, encourages citizens of the City of New Melle to apply for Planning and Zoning Commission. They are short on members and need your help as New Melle changes with new growth. Editor’s Note: To apply for the Commission, call the New Melle City Hall at 636-828-4807 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Engineering Report
Peter Street – Two bids were received, and the winning bidder was S & A Equipment and Builders from Fulton, MO. A motion was made and approved to notify the winning bidder so that work could begin.

Mill Street – There are three right-of-way issues to address, and by the next Aldermen meeting hope to have a conceptual drawing available.

Old Business
Review the Emergency Repair Contract provided by Counsel and discuss the timeline to bid the contract. This item was tabled until the next meeting. This contract would keep someone on call 24/7 for jobs the City is not equipped to handle.

Review and discuss the maintenance agreement with NMSR and the City of New Melle. The City of New Melle will pay $40 per hour for jobs not in the maintenance agreement and $1350 per month for maintenance work, contingent upon acceptance from New Melle Sports and Rec.

New Business
SEMO Termite and Pest Control sprayed the City Hall building for Brown Recluse Spiders and some rodents, and will spray every month for six months, or until the situation is under control.

Multiple complaints have been received about the overgrown trees that stick out into Foristell Rd. The City would like to hire St. Charles County or another company to maintain those trees and others throughout the City of New Melle. A motion was approved to prepare an RFP (Request for Proposal) for the tree maintenance.

The next Board of Aldermen Meeting will be July 12, 2022, at City Hall, 145 Almeling St., at 7 p.m.