Highlights from the October 11 New Melle BOA

By Kathy Miller

The City of New Melle held a Board of Aldermen meeting on October 11 at City Hall. The meeting began at 7 p.m. Aldermen - Karrenbrock, Goodman, Schneider and Bradley, Mayor Burt, City Clerk - Marcia Gay, and City Attorney - Steve Martin were all present.

Engineering Report:
Peter Street Change Order #1 for rolled curbs and conduit for future underground electrical work was unanimously approved.
Editor’s note - There was some discussion concerning the need to move waterlines for this project. The need for moving water lines is no longer an issue, and the City will receive a credit back from the Contractor at the end of the job.

Dates were set for the Request for Proposals for the Tree Trimming and Emergency Repair Contracts. Bids were due on October 26 for both contracts. The BOA hopes to approve both bids at the next BOA Meeting.

Review/comments for an on-site visit at 4591 Hwy Z for construction activities and excavating. A citizen filed a complaint with the City about some work being done on the property. Cochran Engineering went to the site and took pictures, and noted that the landowner submitted no paperwork for work being done on the site. After some discussion, it is believed to be a community garden. Mayor Burt will talk to the landowner, discuss the plans, and decide if further action is needed.

New Business:
Approve Sign Permit for Blondin Real Estate, 185 W. Hwy D, as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The BOA unanimously approved the plans submitted for signage at the new Blondin Profession Real Estate Office.
The city computer has not been updated for several years. It is in need of a ‘clean-up’ and antivirus software installed. An ordinance was passed allowing the City Clerk, Marcia Gay, the authority to approve the work that needs to be done as long as it is under $2000.

The next Aldermen Meeting was held on Tuesday, November 1, at 6 p.m. (The BOA Meeting was moved up one week because of elections and scheduling conflicts.)