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Highlights From the March 14 Regular New Melle BOA Meeting

By Kathy Miller

The following highlights are from the March 14 Regular BOA Meeting. Roll Call: Mayor Steve Burt, Aldermen – Schneider, Bradley, Goodman, Karrenbrock, City Attorney – Steve Martin, City Clerk – Marcia Gay and City Engineer – Nathan Buehrle were all present.
Open Forum: Two representatives from New Melle Sports and Rec were present to discuss the Maintenance Agreement between the City and NMSR. The agreement is up for renewal, and NMSR wants to renew it for the upcoming season. There have been some issues in the past, but NMSR feels with the hiring of new employees and better communication between the City and NMSR, things should run much smoother this year.
Engineering Report:
1. Peter Street Status – The first 100 yards of concrete have been poured, and the project is on schedule, under budget, and moving into Phase II. There are six phases to allow residents to get access to their driveways. The contractor, S & A, will pour the streets, then the sidewalks.
2. Review and discuss Change Order #2 –
• Includes the turf mat at Peter and Schutzen.
• New manhole cover that also allows for additional drainage.
• There was an error in the original plan for the storm inlet, so Cochran Engineering will make adjustments to raise it to street level.
• Repair Mr. Winkle’s driveway. The driveway will be paved from the roadway to the right-of-way, in concrete, with a channel built in so that the water will flow over his driveway.
• Replace any asphalt in the intersection with concrete so that the same material is used throughout the entire intersection.
Change Order #2 was approved.
3. The NMFPD has submitted the new firehouse plans to the City and Cochran Engineering. The new plans have a smaller firehouse and parking lot. The plans are approved; they are waiting on permits from MoDOT, a grading permit and approvals from water and sewer.
4. Options and costs for replacing the sidewalk on the east side of Schutzen Street between Hwy D and Peter Street. Cochran Engineering estimates that the 400 linear feet of sidewalks with driveways to account for and to be ADA Compliant will cost over $63,000, and survey costs are not included. The Board decided to talk to the FHSD and find out the route the buses plan to use as the project moves forward and after completion. The Board will decide once they have additional information about the bus routes.
5. Sycamore Creek – A special BOA Meeting was held on March 7 to discuss the maintenance and repairs for Sycamore Creek streets. Cochran Engineering will provide estimates for the repairs. The goal is to identify the slabs that most need repair and start replacing them immediately.
Introduction of Ordinances – The BOA passed bill #483 and became Ordinance #468, which authorizes the approval requirements for emergency repairs per contact Title 22-001 of October 12, 2022, for the City of New Melle, Missouri.
Old Business – Discuss the possibility of establishing a Historic Preservation District within the City of New Melle. It could include an ordinance pertaining to short-term rentals/Airbnb’s. The City at one time already had a Historic Preservation District, but the City removed it some years ago. Further discussion with P & Z is required to make any decisions at this time.
New Business
1. Discussion regarding the landscaping/grass-cutting contract with NMSR. The current contract expires at the end of April. The problems the City and NMSR are having come down to communication. It was decided there would be a contact person, and they will maintain weekly communication with the City. A work session was set for 6:30 p.m. on April 11 to discuss the contract and expectations of both parties.
2. Complaints have been made to the City about three properties that violate Title II, Chapter 215, Section 215.020 of the New Melle Code that addresses Acts and Conditions Deemed to be Public Nuisances. According to that code, a letter will be hand-delivered, by Mayor Burt, to each of the three residents, informing them they are in violation and have 30 days to start making progress on cleaning up their property. The City does not go out looking for violations.
3. The City of New Melle has a new website. Browse through the new site at www.cityofnewmelle.com.
The next Board of Aldermen Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 11, at 7 p.m. A work session at 6:30 pm. will be held to discuss the maintenance agreement with NMSR.