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New Melle BOA Highlights From October 10, 2023

By Kathy Miller

On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, the City of New Melle held its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. The following are the highlights from that meeting.

Mayor Burt, Aldermen Nelson, Schneider, Goodman and Karrenbrock, City Clerk – Marcia Gay, City Attorney – Steve Martin and Cochran Engineering were all present.

Open Forum: One speaker addressed the Board. The resident has concerns about the ditch on Schutzen Street because reseeding was done on Peter Street but not on Schutzen. She wanted assurance that S&A would return to repair the uneven ditch still filled with hay bales, etc., from the construction. Cutting or trimming the ditch is impossible. It is also not grass growing, but weeds. There is also a pedestal from Brightspeed in their yard, and the Brightspeed contractor left a mess. Mayor Burt asked Cochran Engineering to respond – Cochran Engineering knows that S&A had not regraded the ditch yet. It is under warranty, and they will return and fix it at their cost. The mayor asked if Cochran Engineering could help resolve the issue with Brightspeed, they will reach out to their contact and see if they can help resolve this issue.
Open Forum closed at 7:08 p.m.

Finance Report – During the review of the financial reports, Alderman Karrenbrock noted the $13,000 increase compared to last year's local options use tax. The tax is for internet purchases made by New Melle residents.

Engineering Report – Peter and Schutzen Streets – Cochran Engineering is addressing the warranty work that still needs to be done on Schutzen and Peters Streets. Two one-way street signs were removed, not sure by whom, and are currently at city hall. A discussion was held about the placement of those signs. Placing the one-way signs on the back of the stop signs will help eliminate extra poles at the intersections. It was agreed to have as many traffic signs on one pole as possible. Street and stop signs can be combined on the same poles. S&A or its contractor will have to pay for these costs. The signs were not placed per design or code.

The Straatmann Feed Variance Request has been submitted and is under review. 

A Pool Land Use Permit for 306 Crescent Ct. has been submitted and is under review.

Old Business – Foristell Rd and Hwy. Z crossing for the new multi-use trail from the East-West Gateway Grant. Cochran Engineering stated that the drawings submitted were just preliminary, and the placement of that crossing can be discussed when the design process begins. The speed limit may need to be lowered through that area as well.

New Business – People Savings Bank – Site plan and grading permit applications were submitted for a new building on the northeast corner of Hwy D and Hwy Z. The site plan check was received. The review will proceed when the escrow check for the grading permit is received.

Updated Permits and Applications – A final review of the revised Fee Schedule and the required permits will be reviewed at the budget meeting. The city webpage will be updated once an ordinance is passed, approving the changes and updates. The ordinance will be on the November agenda.

Ordinance Violations – Four letters of various ordinance violations are being sent to residents. The residents will have ten days to respond or be ticketed and appear in municipal court in Wentzville.

The next Board of Aldermen meeting is set for Tuesday, November 14, at 7 p.m. at City Hall.