MoDOT Identifies the Tentative Preferred Alternative for the Route N

MoDOT has identified the Tentative Preferred Alternative for the Route N NEPA Study as the Buckner Road Alternative. The Buckner Road Alternative begins at the intersection of South Point Prairie Road and Jackson Road and uses portions of Buckner Road and existing Route N ending at the interchange of I-64/Route 364. Over 60% of the Buckner Road Alternative utilizes the existing Route N alignment.  A map of the Tentative Preferred Alternative can be found on the project’s website (

CLICK HERE to learn more and view the alternative.

MoDOT is currently completing the Environmental Assessment (EA) document for the Route N study. The EA will include details on how decisions were made for the entire study including the Conceptual Alternatives, the Reasonable Alternatives, screening of alternatives, impacts of the alternatives, public involvement, and identifying the Tentative Preferred Alternative.  The EA is expected to be circulated for comment in late 2019.  A Public Hearing on the EA will be conducted after the EA is circulated for comment.

Please note that the Tentative Preferred Alternative is subject to change and will not be officially approved until MoDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approve the study's EA and issue a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).  The FONSI can be approved only after the region’s long-range transportation plan, Connected2045, is amended to include projects from the Route N EA.  We anticipate the FONSI being approved in early 2020. In order for that to happen, East-West Gateway's Board of Directors, comprised of the bi-state St. Louis region's leaders and decision makers, must agree that this project is a regionally significant priority and should be included in the fiscally constrained long-range plan.  A formal vote would be required and an amendment to the long range plan would be needed.  Because the plan is fiscally constrained, other projects that are currently included in Connected2045 may have to be shifted out. After the FONSI is approved, the project can move forward with design and eventual construction.  Please note that funding for design and construction has not been identified.

MoDOT and the study team appreciates the participation of all of the stakeholders that have been involved in this very important study.  Your participation and input at meetings and through surveys has been invaluable. The study team listened and took your input into consideration. The recent MetroQuest survey received over 3,000 responses, which far exceeded the approximately 200 responses from public information meetings one and two. Where feasible, the input re-adjusted the footprints of the Reasonable Alternatives to minimize impacts. These MetroQuest responses, and other input, were essential to helping MoDOT determine the Tentative Preferred Alternative.

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Shaun Tooley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 1.888.ASK.MODOT.