Seat belt usage in the state has risen to an all-time high.

The latest Missouri Seat Belt Usage Survey, which has been taken annually since 1998, shows 87.7% of Missourians use a seat belt. In 1998, that figure was 60%. The new figures were released Oct. 29 during Buckle Up Phone Down Day. 
Speaking of Buckle Up Phone Down, be sure to keep an eye out for uniquely decorated vehicles touting the BUPD message. The cars will be out on the roadways in and around Jefferson City and Columbia through April 29, reminding motorists of the two simple steps that make the roads safer for everyone.
Interested? Click to join the nearly 11,000 individuals and businesses who have taken the BUPD challenge and pledged to always wear their seat belts and put their phones down while driving - BUPD challenge.


Fatality update
Statewide fatality totals as reported on the Missouri
State Highway Patrol website as of Nov. 3, 2019
2019 totals - 722 / 2016 totals - 803
2018 totals - 782 / 2015 totals - 723
2017 totals - 777 / 2014 totals - 621