Rte D Closing Between Hwy T and Cappeln-Osage Rd Nov. 6

MoDOT has announced that Route D will be closed between Route T and Cappeln-Osage Rd during construction of a new box culvert on Hwy D. Work is set to begin on Monday, November 6, 2023. Work is scheduled to be completed by February 2024. The signed detour will be Route T north to Route N east to Route Z south and vice versa. 

The existing box culvert was built in 1936 and is in poor condition. Erosion occurs on the Route D embankment due to frequent overtopping during heavy rain events. The project will replace the existing box culvert with a larger box culvert. The project also includes raising the grade of Route D about 18” to reduce the frequency of roadway overtopping (flooding.)  For updates and contact information, visit

hwd d box culvert.png.jpg