Safety Tips & Reminders

Electric Safety Tips While Working Outdoors

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative reminds area residents to be aware of the dangers of electricity while working outdoors. Cuivre River offers these important tips to work safely outdoors:

  •  Never attempt to move or raise a power line. Since electricity can’t be seen, always assume a line is live with power.

  •  After a storm, only cut down trees and limbs not tangled in power lines. Never be tempted to move any power or communication lines that are down or low hanging. Even if the main power is off, a neighbor could start a generator and create a potentially fatal back-feed of power through a transformer to an entire area.

  •  Missouri law requires that your electric utility company be notified when you work within 10 feet of a power line. OSHA expands that zone for cranes and construction crews to notify the utility if the work is to be done at 20 feet or closer to a power line. Cuivre River Electric Cooperative will assist with your underground and overhead power line safety requests and concerns.

  •  Be alert and watch for power lines when operating tall machinery or equipment outdoors. Adjust machinery or equipment to the lowest position before moving.

  •  Before starting a digging project, Missouri law requires you to submit a utility locate request by contacting Missouri One Call by calling 8-1-1 or visiting As a free service, an underground utility locator will mark power lines and other utilities that are buried at the work site. Use extreme caution when using a shovel or other digging tool. By calling to find out where underground utilities are buried, you avoid hazards and keep vital services (electricity, telephone, water and sewer) from being disrupted.

  •  Always carry a ladder horizontally. Before setting it up, check to see if power lines are located overhead or nearby.


To learn more about electric safety, visit,, or contact Cuivre River Electric Cooperative at 636-528-8261, 636-695-4700, or 800-392-3709.