Washington School District Puts "Prop S" on the April Ballot

Proposition S is a zero tax-rate increase bond issue designed to improve safety and the school environment for students. Prop S will provide approximately $26 million to construct a new elementary school as well as safety vestibule construction and other related improvements district-wide. Prop S will be on the April 2, 2019 ballot.  Please take the time to visit the district's website at to become more informed of what is at stake with this bond issue. 
The South Point Elementary building is in need of being retired, as it has succumbed to soil erosion which has caused shifts in the building foundation, has cracks in the walls of classrooms, contains a condemned gymnasium as of Oct 2018, still uses window A/C units along with an aging HVAC system, and still utilizes modular trailer classrooms.  Furthermore, the property was upgraded to a 100-year flood plain in about 2007. Pictures of these issues are available on the district's website.
Due to the careful use of taxpayer funds, the district has limited South Point Elementary to minimal improvements over the last 5 years.  Two previous attempts at building a new elementary school have failed, primarily due to the fact it was requesting a tax increase.  However, this bond issue WILL NOT increase the tax levy within the School District of Washington's boundaries.  The School District of Washington has nearly the lowest debt service levy in the area, and much of the state, at a mere 0.47.   
Another use of the proposed funds will be to make safety improvements to ALL district buildings at their primary entrance.  The passage of Prop S would provide for visitor entry a single point of entry.  From that location, a face-to-face conversation with office staff and/or administration will occur, along with visitor management solutions used to properly identify all visitors before buzzing them into the hallway or office areas.  These improvements are considered best practices among school building guidelines.
The "Citizens for Great Schools - Washington, MO" committee is asking for your YES vote on April 2, 2019!  More information can also be found on their Facebook page.  Deadline to register to vote in Franklin, Warren, and St. Charles counties is March 6, 2019.