Friedens Youth Famine Smashes Goal with $1,727.83

We, at Friedens Peace UCC are so proud of all the youth and adults who made the 2019 “Hungry for Justice” youth famine possible.  They committed to going without food for 24 hours on February 23 and 24, to raise money for the hungry and to get a small taste of life for so many others in the world and locally. 

Each participant asked others to sponsor their famine.  The final tally was $1,727.83 raised for World Vision.  This money will feed 43 children, for a month, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

In addition, the participants brought items from home to donate to the New Melle Food Pantry and personally delivered them.  The volunteers at the pantry organized an activity for the youth and spent time with them, explaining that hunger is a part of our New Melle community, as well as other countries.  During their famine the youth learned about the Democratic Republic of the Congo, made dwellings out of cardboard to resemble the homes in that country, and did other activities to help understand the children of the Congo. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to make this possible.

1. Friedens Youth items donated tothe food pantry web 20190223_140624.jpg
The youth brought items from home to be donated
to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in New Melle.

2. Friedens youth helping food pantry web IMG_2255.jpg
Helping out at the pantry.