Francis Howell Receives an A+ on Annual State Report Card

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has released the 2019 Annual Performance Report (APR) data for school districts around the state. Last year Francis Howell received a score of 100 percent on the “school district report card,” but this year, DESE has moved away from a single score for school districts. All APR data will continue to be published for all content and standards, but will now feature bar charts that show if a school district is at Floor, Approaching Target, On Track, or On Target. 

Francis Howell students continue to increase achievement in English Language Arts and mathematics, and the District’s test scores are still well above the state average. The District has also earned On Target status, the highest level possible, in Academic Achievement for ELA and Mathematics, College and Career Readiness, Attendance Rate, and Graduation Rate. These high APR scores are a direct result of the excellent efforts and hard work of our FHSD students and staff. 

The APR uses multiple years of data to provide an accurate evaluation of school districts and charter schools. “While DESE has changed the way they report the APR scores, we continue to be extremely proud and excited about our results,” said Deputy Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Nathan Hoven. “The APR highlights the hard work of our students, teachers, and principals as they strive for excellence on a daily basis. As a District, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education to prepare them for success after high school.” 

The Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP 5) is the state’s school accountability system for reviewing and accrediting public school districts in Missouri. The APR is comprised of scores for each of the MSIP 5 Performance Standards: 1) Academic Achievement, 2) Subgroup Achievement, 3) College and Career Readiness, 4) Attendance Rate, and 5) Graduation Rate. With this evaluation data, districts in need of improvement can receive appropriate support and interventions, and high‐performing districts like Francis Howell can be recognized as models of excellence. For more details about the 2019 APR, please visit the DESE website.