Daniel Boone “Blue Ribbon School” Celebration

On Friday, Nov 22, students and faculty celebrated the fact that Daniel Boone Elementary School was recently nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. First of all, it was Pajama Day, so the kids were dressed in comfortable PJs/leisure-wear. They watched a movie in the morning, did some STEM activities, and capped off the day with a wonderful assembly in the gym that featured music by the Francis Howell High School Band. Mr. Armour said, “We get to celebrate today being one of the best schools in Missouri and in the United States, and that takes a lot of hard work – from the teachers, the students, and the staff – so today was all about having fun. Did you have fun today?” The students cheered profusely! He said “We are so proud of everyone!” A video presentation portrayed students, faculty and staff in “What’s Makes Daniel Boone Great?” with the last slide answering the question best, “You do!” There was singing, clapping, and cheering, throughout, and an awesome finale as everyone joined together singing parts of Sweet Caroline: “Good times never seemed so good — So good so good....” — A great culmination to a great day!

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