TILIW – Walking in Femme Osage Valley – the business of a flaneur – Maynard and Ruth Heman – Cracker Barrel Country – Johann Duebbert – a peaceful place to compost – the wooden plank bridge

This is a TILIW from a few years back, Walking in Femme Osage Valley. This is the first written TILIW that was not an interview. Please enjoy!

Hello gentle readers.

You may have thought you’d heard the last of Tell It Like It Was, but we’ll be back when 19 subsides. Meanwhile, Dave Klaas and I are often walking in a neighorhood near you, far apart and masked. Often motorists stop to ask what we’re doing, and why?!! It’s hard to explain the business of a flaneur. (Look that up in your dictionary!)

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TILIW – Digging Up Bones - A lynching in Augusta – Facebook is the Minister of Good Taste? - Bob Brail – a town called Wolkes – seriously, Bob?

Gentle readers, I’m still working on my finale to the 4-part Tom Rueschhoff story, but it has taken me down the proverbial rabbit hole…and I’m still digging my way out…when I’m not playing music. I mean…I’m enjoying it, but I have this gnawing urge to bring you some edifying entertainment more immediately. So, let me tell you a couple of stories.

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TILIW - Tom Rueschhoff, Part 2 – Immaculate Conception Church -– Early Catholic settlers – Broken record - Bring in the Jesuits – Father Helias – Arnold Krekel – would-be readers

Gentle readers, as promised in part 1 of the Thomas Rueschhoff story, I told you I wanted to write a little about the history of Immaculate Conception Church.  I will mostly draw from a digital presentation that was made for the 150th anniversary of IC. I received it via email from Sarah Peper.  (I presume it was also printed in pamphlet form.)

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TILIW - Thomas Rueschhoff – Joanie Rueschhoff – Immaculate Conception Grade School - Reverend Uncle – Ball Time Service – Donald Struckhoff – Sarah Peper 

Gentle readers, I talk to strangers on the phone…even for hours.  Sometimes, they tell me their life story without even asking me for one morsel of my own history in return. Kinda strange I guess, but probably just as well. Somehow, it feels normal.

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TILIW - Walter Kamphoefner Part 2 - $300 a semester tuition – is that good enough English? – etudiantes en la biblioteca - Conrad Weinrich and Adolphus Frick - Chain Migration – bilingual education  


Gentle readers, I continue to write again about my January 14, 2023, conversation with Walter Kamphoefner, professor of history at Texas A&M. We left off talking about Mizzou back in the day. (Remember, anything in parentheses is my addition.)

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TILIW  Walter Kamphoefner Part 1– Have We Ever Met? – meadow mushrooms – the ’51 Flood – squirrel hunting with Gert – The Language of God and Luther

Submitted by Paul Ovaitt 

Gentle readers, when first I began to write…about you and me…I often received feedback from people like…me and you. Your response was a great payback, but I guess the novelty of stories coming from ye olde, taciturn, towne painter wore off, and the responses dwindled to nearly none. That’s okay. Like Gillian Welch, I’m gonna do it anyway, even if it doesn’t pay.

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